Established in 2002, Ka-Kel combines a unique blend of both youth and wisdom, which creates a positive, eager, and confident work atmosphere.  With over 110 years of upper management experience, most every aspect of construction can be accounted for, and new milestones can be easily overcome.  Ka-Kel Maintenance & Construction is devised into three sectors.  These three sectors work closely together as a family team and we want you to be a part of that family. 

Here at Ka-Kel Services, we have a mission, and that mission is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!  With customer satisfaction in mind, every job is completed with detail, from management to laborer, from concept to punch out, from handshake to handshake.  You’ll be quick to notice our personal and courteous staff from their professional and attractive Ka-Kel attire to our complete fleet of vehicles they’ll be arriving in.  Ka-Kel wants to be your preferred Contractor.     



Ka- Kel Construction provides service to clients whom are forward thinkers, imaginative, and find due diligence imperative. We maintain a high level of professionalism while serving our clients with all of their needs. Ka-Kel Construction specializes in Tenant Finish, General Contracting, and General Trades.


With several million square feet of office and warehouse space to maintain, we are never surprised with the various types of requests that we may encounter.  From flag maintenance, pest control, doors and hardware to painting, Ka-Kel possesses the skill required for the job, at a price that you can afford. 


MCON has thrived over the years as a contender in the flooring market. MCON not only gives Ka-Kel Construction a competitive advantage, but also offers very attractive prices to our customers abroad. We have quality, professional installers as well numerous relationships with area carpet distributors.